Rack Series RACK03U48XR-0812T

Technical Properties

External Dimensions : 806 x 570 x H 285 mm
Chassis Depth : 480 mm
Working Temperature : - 50 °C / + 65 °C
Rack Height : 3U
Weight : 16.9 kg
Edge Casters : YES
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Suprobox RACK Series cases have been made to withstand the toughest environmental and climatic conditions. The case is manufactured as a solid uniform structure which makes it extra resistant to impact and vibration enabling the case to be handled and transported in extreme situations.
With it’s stainless steel latches and silicone gasket, RACK series cases are durable against humidity, dust, chemicals, rust, mold. Waterproof and airtight, they perform very well in extreme high or low temperatures all around the world.

• Ruggedized roto-molded case body made from impact resistant PE material
• Shock mounts for maximum protection during transit
• 80 mm or 120 mm lid with edge casters
• Standard 19” Rack width designed to meet ANSI/EIA-310-C
• Square hole rack rails to accommodate 6 mm standard cage nuts
• Heavy-duty polymer handles with soft rubber grip
• Stainless Steel Catches
• Mechanical Pressure Relief Valve (Standard)
• Watertight gasket between body and lid
• Lid hangers (standard)
• Color options
• 380 mm – 480 mm – 610 mm – 780 mm rack depth
• Size range 3U to 14U
• Multibrix® stacking and storage system (secure stacking and cross stacking of same or different size cases).
• Gridlines featured on the lid are specially designed for pallet strapping
• Light Weight compact design
• Standard payload range 20-75 kg
• Tested and Approved – MIL-STD 810 G, STANAG 4280, Def Stan 81-41
• IP 65 rated for dust and water ingress

  • Mechanical Valve
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • All Catch Lid
  • Edge Casters
  • Membrane Valve
  • Humidity Indicator
  • Riser Set
  • Riser&Caster Set
  • Lockable Catch
  • Lockable Wire Catch
  • Name Plate A7
  • Document Pouch (Front Lid)
  • Document Pouch (Back Lid)
  • Case Coupling Straps